The GGL Group operates an extensive one million square feet of warehouse space, utilizing our advanced Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Our in-house team of 26 highly experienced programmers, who are industry specialists, have developed this system, allowing us to offer customized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

When onboarding new clients, we dedicate time to thoroughly understand their specific business needs. Through our integrated total solutions approach, we develop customized solutions that provide total visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Our WMS encompasses a comprehensive set of features and steps, including:

  • Advance Shipment Note (ASN)
  • Goods Receipt Note (GRN)
  • Goods Issue Note (GIO)
  • Goods Delivery Note/Delivery Order (GDN)
  • Stock Movement/Stock Relocation
  • Reworking
  • Serial Number, ASN, GRN upload option
  • MIS Reports/MIS Dashboard
  • Tracking
  • Barcode scanning
  • PDT (Portable Data Terminal) enabled

Key features of our WMS system include:

  • Cloud-based Online Warehouse Management System
  • Online tracking
  • Online access for customers to access information across multiple locations
  • Multi-customer, multi-location warehouse management for 3PL operations
  • Advanced location management for optimizing warehouse usage
  • Order re-cycle management
  • B2B Integration with Customers' ERP for seamless online information updates through EDI
  • Bar code generation and scanning capabilities
  • PDT enabled, allowing the use of handheld terminals for put-away, picking, and cycle counting
  • A "Live Scanning" feature providing real-time visibility to clients, reducing GRN time and ensuring immediate availability of cargo for ordering to their customers

Our WMS system is meticulously designed to adapt to various situations, countries, and infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance in any environment.

At GGL, our commitment to delivering exceptional warehouse management solutions remains unwavering, and our in-house developed WMS system is a testament to our dedication to providing customized, efficient, and technologically advanced services to our clients.